Important Performance Optimization Tips for Laravel Developers in 2022


Usage statistics published on various websites suggest that many web developers prefer Laravel over other PHP frameworks. Laravel’s expressive syntax makes it easy for developers to quickly write custom web applications. In addition, the platform accelerates the development of custom web applications by simplifying common web development tasks such as session management, routing, authentication, file … Read more

Best Programming Language for Site Design


Server Server is actually responsible for providing web pages based on the needs and demands of clients on the Internet, which can be done both statically (as well as dynamically). Server-Side Scripting Today, in web programming, most companies and designers work in this area. Server-side programming has a major difference with user’s programming, which is … Read more

15 Best Practices to Protect Your Site from Malware and Cyber ​​Hacks


As hackers become faster, more numerous, and more effective, many companies struggle to protect their websites from cyber threats. Statistics don’t lie: • More than 360,000 new malicious files are detected daily. • In 2017, 1,188,728,338 attacks on computers were recorded. • Cybercrime damages to businesses are expected to reach $ 6 trillion by 2021. … Read more

Importance of WordPress Rest API


Importance of WordPress Rest API When developing web applications using WordPress, developers connect the application to third-party programs and services through specific application programming interfaces (APIs). In addition, they use various APIs to improve the functionality of the WordPress application and the user experience. The WordPress REST API allows programmers to connect their application to … Read more

How Good Is Java for Mobile Game Development?


Currently, Android dominates the smartphone operating system market across the globe. Also, statistics posted on various websites show that Google Play Store currently offers more apps and games than Apple Play Store. Trends show that many developers prefer to develop apps and games for the Android platform. Developers have the option of writing apps and … Read more