Top 10 Coding Languages Best Suits The Application Development


There are multitude of programming languages ​​that are trending in the technology market today. Being in the software industry, it is impossible to be an expert in all the coding languages ​​in existence. Across dozens of programming languages, developers specializing in developing projects with top and in-demand programming languages ​​are best suited for on-time delivery … Read more

Presentation level in website design


As we all know, there are always two sides to every web design. The visual side that all users see, with all the graphical elements, buttons, images and the side behind them, which is the code that is responsible for the functionality of the website. How to achieve balance? The permissive side does not contain … Read more

Programming languages ​​and frameworks you should learn in 2022

The trend towards programming languages ​​and frameworks for 2016 appears to be more towards front-end development than back-end development. Below is just a simplified list of what you should take note of and think about improving your knowledge. Languages ​​and platforms PHP 7 is the latest version of PHP. Major websites like Facebook, Google and … Read more

Difference Between JSF, Servlet And JSP


Currently, Java is widely used by programmers to develop a variety of software applications – desktop GUI applications, websites, web applications, and Android mobile apps. Java is constantly evolving to simplify and accelerate the development of custom applications based on various business needs. Java 8 supports widely used functional programming concepts such as anonymous functions … Read more

Ruby on Rails vs. PHP: Which One is Better? in 2022


Ruby on Rails vs. PHP: Which is Better? First, let’s try to understand why you want to choose a particular technology. All technologies thrive on tools, developer communities, libraries, and applications. As a business owner, you may need technology that can work for years after starting a project. As a developer, you need technology that … Read more

10 Top Tools For Java Application Developers


Currently Java is more popular than other programming language. It is also a programming language that is widely used by developers to build desktop GUI applications, web applications, web services, and mobile applications. But developers still need robust frameworks, IDEs and development tools to write applications in Java rapidly and efficiently. Each developer also has … Read more